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Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, behind the scenes.

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BUT look at his face


so proud of his new shield and then peggy shoots him


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get to know me meme: [2/5] female characters » arya stark


—this looks bad.”

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BACKSTORY-I made my two Sims have four children-Hitler, Satan, God, and Jesus. Shortly after, both parents got abducted my aliens. Jesus was being held by his father at the time, so Jesus was abducted as well. The other three babies were taken by the social worker.

Some day, a poor Sim is going to adopt a baby, and the baby will arrive at the house, and the baby’s name will be Hitler.

UPDATE-Five more babies are the result of the alien abduction. There is now Shrek, Billybob, Potato, Shrek Jr, and Spongebob. Jesus is the only human baby, and, guessing from his thoughts, he dislikes his alien siblings.

UPDATE: Because I want these babies to survive into adulthood for mating purposes, I have spawned about twenty generic adult Sims. These Sims have one purpose in life: To help the babies survive into adulthood. I predict that many of the adults shall die, as the house I created is a glorified death trap.

UPDATE: Four adults have already died in a house fire caused by a toaster pastry that was left in the oven. I am starting to loose faith in the children surviving infancy at this rate, but I shall still continue in my goal.

UPDATE: The house has been on fire for about two Sim days now. Instead of putting it out, the adults just keep dancing around it. A few have started crying because they have to urinate. The babies are all laying throughout the house.

UPDATE: The fire is glitching, so it won’t go away now. However, the Sims have started ignoring it. In order to make this more entertaining for me, I have made all of the adults hate each other. There has been nearly constant fighting and crying since then.

In order to try and electrocute a Sim, I have places several broken TVs around the house, and put puddles of water by them. No body has been electrocuted so far.

The babies are doing fine, thanks to cheats.

UPDATE: I am done playing for now. Before I left, the house was on fire again and three Sims were stuck in the pool.

This is the greatest post I have ever seen.

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▶ Just watched Winter Soldier


That movie was pretty intense for two 95-year-olds trying to kill each other.

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a very real world reaction to the superhero concept

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that one mutual u check for every time u lose a follower

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19-2000 (x)

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"And, uh, Peter uses Google rather than Bing in this one, like an actual human being."
- Indiewire, confirming what is no doubt the most important plot point of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (via miss617)
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people who don’t sit through the credits after a marvel movie are weak and won’t last the winter.

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Coulson, looking flustered by Steve’s patriotic bottom

is coulson in a suit 

it’s his casual suit

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